Sustainability is a moving target. There is no single right answer – no single technology or solution that will magically elevate sustainability. Instead what is needed is a comprehensive resource with the latest knowledge and tools to develop and measure the effectiveness of different sustainability strategies and tactics. Each project has its own dynamics and priorities. The smart approach is to find the right balance of sustainability measures within the other goals for a project. Finding that right answer is the sole mission of Footprint.

Footprint is a sustainable design firm launched by Smith + Andersen – one of Canada’s leading engineering firms for more than 45 years. Footprint is an interdisciplinary consultancy that acts as a catalyst to support engineers, architects, building owners and operators optimize sustainability in their projects.

Launched in June 2011, Footprint has a presence in offices across Canada. It’s already making an impact in this growing field. Bring Footprint to the table and make sure sustainability receives the focus it deserves.

Footprint is active in green building associations in both Canada and the U.S.

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