A New Minimum

Nearly a year on, Senior Project Manager Eric Rubli looks at the impact changes to the BC Building Code have had on design decisions for new construction projects in the province. The BC Building Code (BCBC) changes that came into

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Navigating New Canadian Sustainability Regulations (2023)

Christine Chow, Eric Rubli, and Shaheen Asif highlight upcoming changes to sustainability regulations that may impact your projects. The Government of Canada’s 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan provides a roadmap to how we can meet our enhanced Paris Agreement target to

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Footprint Announces Three New Appointments

Footprint is proud to announce two new Senior Associates and a new Associate. Each of these individuals continually demonstrates a commitment to innovative sustainable design and energy-efficiency, and are trusted industry professionals by both clients and colleagues. Footprint is a

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Moving Toward More Zero Carbon Goals

Changes to the Vancouver Building By-law (VBBL) and the City of Vancouver Energy Modelling Guidelines have officially been submitted. Eric Rubli and Jakub Policht walk us through the City of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency New Buildings Update. Changes to the VBBL

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Ambitious Necessity: The Toronto Green Standard V4 (and beyond)

The acceleration of Toronto Green Standard implementation means that architects and owners need to plan for future energy and emissions targets now. Sarkis Platis discusses the changing performance requirements and how they will positively impact sustainable design. The first version

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What’s Changing For Your Projects?

New year, new sustainability regulations impacting the building industry. Christine Chow takes us through the changes and what it means for building projects. Welcome to 2022 – a year where we make bigger strides toward our national climate change goals!


Close Isn’t Good Enough

Don’t underestimate the impact of accurate energy modelling on the thermal performance of building envelopes. Padraic O’Connell explains. On our path to a more sustainable future, building envelope design is playing an increasingly important role in the energy efficiency of

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Delivering Tangible Actions That Reduce Emissions

Now, more than ever, architects and owners should be paying attention to the potential environmental impacts of what is being constructed. Christina Michayluk talks about how life cycle assessments (LCAs) can help. The phrase “embodied carbon” is trending…and for a