What We Do

At Footprint, our goal is simple: how do we get to less? Less costs…less stress…less waste…these are achievements which truly make a difference for our clients, our colleagues, and, ultimately, the world. Taking a more integrated approach to sustainability services, we work side-by-side with project teams, providing an informed perspective of sustainable opportunities and considerations for each design and construction decision.

Our goal is to act as a catalyst for balance – to ask the right questions and provide possible solutions which point in the right direction. How do we know that the right direction is? It’s always the direction that points toward less energy, less time, less impact, and more sustainable developments.


More than just a checklist.

When you’re kicking off a new project, the certification process may appear complex and tedious. How do you define a sustainability strategy to create the most environmental and economic value, while also leveraging other design objectives? Are you confident that your sustainability objectives will be achieved? Are there further considerations which should be made? Exactly what type of documentation needs to be submitted and when?

The Footprint approach is simple: we minimize the burden of this process on other members of the design team, while ensuring that the project remains on-target to achieve the larger, long-term objectives. With LEED Accredited Professionals for every building type, and a balance of local and national expertise, Footprint staff provide a smooth certification process regardless of what your targets are.

We are staffed to tackle certification systems at both the building and neighbourhood levels, including certifications such as:

  • LEED (New Construction, Core and Shell, Commercial Interiors, Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance, Neighbourhood Development, and Volume)
  • WELL
  • Net Zero Energy Strategy
  • Carbon Reduction Plans
  • Toronto Green Standard


A clearer look at the big picture.

True sustainable design is an integrated process – where everyone knows the overall project impact of every decision. Through the art and efficiency of energy modelling, we can provide you with precise data on how much energy your building is saving, as well as the impact of proposed options and alternatives which arise throughout the design process.

Footprint utilizes energy modelling software to compare current or baseline approaches with various energy-saving scenarios – arming the project team with the information they need to make the best possible (and most efficient) decisions.


Data that makes a difference.

How will you know that you’ve reached your goal of achieving “less” without effective measurement strategies in place? Analyzing building performance equips you with the information you need to aid your building in meeting the optimal performance standards which were outlined in the design.

Working collaboratively with both design and operations teams, we create a plan which is customized to your building and your objectives. Following respected standards, such as International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocols, our team provides you with a comprehensive guide to continuously improving the performance of your building.


Raising the bar while lowering costs.

Sustainable standards, technology, and the solutions they provide have rapidly evolved over the last decade. So what do you do with a building that was built 20 years ago? While new projects often receive the most attention for their steps toward sustainability, it’s existing buildings which typically provide the greatest opportunity for improvement. At Footprint, we have the project experience to provide you with a customized analysis of everything from utility bills, to metering data, to building automation trend logs – providing you with a clear path toward practical solutions which will help you achieve more by using less.

Our team will customize our strategy to meet your needs, performing any one of a number of services as required:

  • Energy planning and benchmarking
  • Whole building energy audits
  • System performance analysis
  • Building operations reviews and strategic improvements


Let the (right amount of) light shine in.

While it may seem like an afterthought, the right lighting is critical to creating comfortable, welcoming spaces.  Through daylighting analysis, clients can reduce both lighting and cool loads, making this a central tool which impacts mechanical, electrical, and architectural design.  Offsetting artificial lighting solutions with daylighting solutions, improving the built form to harvest more natural light, ensuring proper distribution so that glare can be reduced – our team works collaboratively to walk clients through these options (and many more) to determine what might be right for them.

Our years of experience has provided Footprint with the expertise to know that there are many tools which can answer the daylighting questions clients are asking.  Through our in-house team of experts utilizing leading edge software, we  guide project teams through the best possible solutions for each space.